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Audio Recording and Music Production Studio, Delhi

Audio Recording and Music Production Studio, Delhi

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Published 26 of November / 10:07hs
Province Delhi
Locality Delhi
Advertiser: Anonymous

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Music Manthan is a Unique Music Studio nurtured by group of professionals that consists of hi-tech equipments and the best available digital technology.

It is an ideal place for Bands, Musicians, Singers, Writers and Composers to get a professional sounding product.

It is well catered for Composing, Sequencing, Recording, Mixing and Mastering all genres of music.


Producing and Promoting good music worldwide is our vision. Original music composition is our primary business, and creativity is our highest goal.

Music Manthan is committed to making your next project a flawless experience!


Radio Ads
Jingles and Song Composing
Solo Musician Recording
Karaoke Recording
Band Recording
Web Audio
E-Learning Audio Content
Demo Making
Music Albums
Corporate Anthems
Music Composing
Music Arrangement
Documentary Films
Music Production Courses
Background Music for Plays, Skits for School Colleges etc.
Theme Songs, Title Songs for Schools, Colleges and Others