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MICROWAVE OVEN repair in hsrlayout bangalore

MICROWAVE OVEN repair in hsrlayout bangalore

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Published 11 of December / 12:59hs
Province Karnataka
Locality Bangalore
Advertiser: Arun, Gupta
Phone: 0141-4054673

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Problem or need service assistance with your mixer grinder?
Your mixer-grinder is at the heart of your kitchen. It helps you whip up delicious recipes that are the soul of your happy family. TechSupportInc can help ensure your routine is not disturbed by a product malfunction.
Get a TechSupportInc to provide you with expert support to cover you for any eventuality at home. So you no longer have to worry about any repair or installation or maintenance - anything else that you do not wish to bother about.
TechSupportInc is there to help you with the
• Installation and setup
• Repair
• Preventive Maintenance Protection of your
• Mixer grinder
We take care of your mixer-grinder, so you don’t have to worry about their breaking down.
Typical problems with the category
• Not switching on
• Motor not rotating or burning smell comes
• Motor is working without attachment, but not working with attachment (jar)
Possible Causes
• Loose contact, power cord defective or cut
• Switch is defective/circuit breaker open or motor defective
• Spindle, bush and not rotating freely
If none of the above actions help please call TechSupportInc at US 9972102609
Product Category Support at US Tec TechSupportInc hSupportInc Center (Rs) Support at Home (Rs)
Mixer Grinder 125 250
TechSupportInc Service Warranty
We are confident of our work and offer a 90-day service warranty.
Use of Genuine Spares
Many people believe in saving a few rupees by buying/using duplicate parts which are “as good as the original”. It is always advisable to use genuine parts which have been tested for reliability. This will allow you to enjoy optimum product performance and will not compromise other critical parts of the product.
Cost of a repeat failure is usually more than the saving from using a duplicate part.