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Published 06 of April / 14:03hs
Province Haryana
Locality Gurgaon
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Mobile Software Store Spy Phone software india is a powerful device monitoring, tracking & surveillance application for Android Smart Phone devices. With Tracer you can Track GPS Location, Monitor conversations, Track SMS & Call Logs, Record Live Calls & Much More. All Data can be uploaded to our secure, private remote web panel, sent via Email (through our mail servers, not the device) or via SMS / TXT Message.
Latest Feature’s
• The Spy Call feature no longer requires root on many Android devices!
• Spy On Contacts, Call Logs, Emails & More
• Automatically Backup/Track Call Logs, SMS Logs, Contacts & GPS Location via remote web panel, email or SMS
• 100% Invisible SMS commands for full application control including audio, video recording, settings changes, real time GPS tracking & more
• User friendly & feature packed web based interface for viewing and managing ALL uploaded data, which includes 100mb of storage
• Room environment recording Stealth 100% in AMR format
• Remotely Trigger Audio Recording via SMS command
• Remotely Trigger Photos & Video Recording via SMS to be taken and uploaded
• Remotely monitor SMS, Call Logs, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Record Calls & Ambient Sound and Much More!
• Silent Feature:-
• ++ Spy Scheduler ++
++ Undetectable Client/ Hidden Icon ++
++ Full Remote Control ++
++ Turn On And Off Wi-Fi Remotely ++
• Data is reported even if deleted on the device!
• Additional POWER Features for Rooted devices include Running as a System App, enhanced application invisibility, uninstall prevention, gmailtracking, Whatsapp & Facebook Tracking and Spy/Monitor Call
General Features
• Record Live Calls (On many Android Models & OS version - try a free demo to confirm compatiblity. May require root for ideal call recording quality)
• Tracer Exclusive After Call recording Feature. Trigger ambient recording automatically after a call from a pre-defined number
• Discreet Running Application that is virtually undetectable even by tech savvy mobile users
• Automatically runs on device reboot
• SIM Change Alerts Via SMS
• Auto On GPS - Tracks GPS even if it's turned off in the Device Settings!
• Uninstall Prevention (Requires Root)
• Responds to Remote, invisible SMS Commands
• Optional Automatic deletion of uploaded media
• Monitor/Spy Call (Room Bug allowing you to call in from a preset number & listen to the ambient sounds discreetly) (this feature requires root only on a few Android devices - please contact us for details)
• Runs as a System Application for improved stability & invisibility (root required)
• Automatically restarts itself even when shut down by the OS
Remote Features
• Remotely trigger a Photo or Video via SMS Command (Mobile Surveilance)
• Remotely Trigger Audio Recording 100% discreetly via SMS Command (Remote room bug)
• Remotely Configure Settings from Web Panel
• Remote Uninstall (requires root) - Coming Soon
• Robust Set of SMS commands for general application interaction & configuration