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Differential assembly parts

Differential assembly parts

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The differential assembly parts is an important part of the four wheeler. While taking a turn, the outer wheel needs to cover more distance than the inner wheel. So it needs more angular speed than the inner wheels. The differentials are used to fulfill such requirements.

The differential is located in the middle of the rear axle and transmits power to both the wheels. It transmits power in a direction perpendicular to the driving shaft. The rpm difference generated by a differential is proportional to each other.

The differential assembly parts include- Flange, Pinion Gear, Side Gear, Ring Gear, Left Axle Shaft, Right Axle Shaft and Spider Gears. The function and working of these parts are given below:

The power to the differential is transferred through the differential shaft which contains pinion gears at one end. The pinion gear meshes with the ring gear and transfers its power to ring gear. The ring gear contains two spider gears hinged with it. These spider gears have two degrees of freedom and rotate along two directions. The side gears are attached to the right and left axle shafts and transfer an equal amount of torque to both wheels. All these gears are engaged to transfer power in the perpendicular direction.

Summary: - The differential consists of only two things- gears and shafts. The number of differential assembly parts is assembled to transmit an equal amount of torque to wheels in a perpendicular direction to the driving shaft. The differential deactivates while moving along a straight path.