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Forum posters and blog commenters needed!

Forum posters and blog commenters needed!

Data of ad

Published 19 of January / 11:27hs
Province Delhi
Advertiser: Arun, Gupta
Phone: 0141-4054673

Details of ads

Looking for 5 people who have the time to post sensible comments including HTML back-links, in English to blogs and forums to aid me in building back-links. Must be 100% original and pass Copyscape.
50 relevant posts to 50 different forums, blogs or 30 word minimum per post. Can
be new threads or useful responses to current threads. Link in the signature pointing to my site.
This is a one time assignment. Good writers and non-spammers may be contacted for future assignments.
50 different active quality english forums of at least 5k registered users and at least 100 active in the past 24 hours. The forums must not require registration to browse (must be open to the public).
No spamming, posts must be relevant to forums and blogs. Any spam posts, irrelevant posts or one line comments will void agreement and you will not be paid!

E-mail list of sites posted in, in excel format to me.

Payments will be made to you through paypal at rates listed below.

$2.00 USD for 50 completed posts, to be paid to you within 24 hours of your posts being verified.

For any subscription sales generated from your posts: 20% commission of first
month subscription. Paid within 24 hours. ( 20% of $39.95 = $8.00 USD each)

For any non-subscription sales generated from your posts: 10% commission of completed sales generated, after 30 days. Cancelled or refunded orders are not
counted! 10% of each non subscription, exclusive use sale = $400.00 to $900.00 USD commission.

You can only post in forums and on blogs that my other writers are not
currently posting on, contact me for list of non available forums and blogs. This is new, so most forums and blogs ARE available.
Contact me if you have any questions