Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

19-365-day-old Indian businessman and founder of grocery delivery app Zepto Kaivalya Vohra has become the latest person to join the rich list club of 1,103 Indians in 122 cities, now cumulatively forming his wealth is Rs 100 trillion, according to the IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich Checklist 2022.

The representative acknowledged that 221 billionaires made it to the 2022 list, down 16 when placed next with the last 365 days, while 13 people born in the 1990s were added, all of them self-made, along with Vohra.

The fact is more notorious that these 1,103 Indians have an earning value of Rs 10,000 crore each, an increase of 62 per cent in five years.

“Accumulated wealth has increased by 9.4 percent, while moderate wealth has decreased by 1 percent. 602 people saw their wealth rise or stop just the same, of which 149 are new faces, while 415 saw their wealth fall and there were 50 dropouts,” said IIFL Wealth and Hurun India in an observation.

The look also acknowledged that more than 82 percent of the billionaires on the list are over 50, and 0.6 percent of the wealthy on the list are under 30.

The look noted that the pharmaceutical sector contributed the most to the list, with 126 entrants, while chemicals and monetary products and companies added the most new entrants.

“Gurugram debuted on the list of the 10 cities that produce the most participants and we have a file of 149 new faces to the list from 32 industries and…

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