Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

NEW DELHI: Google informed the Delhi high court on Monday that it removed a web link that allegedly contained objectionable material against the union minister Iranian Smriti and his daughter, and looked to the top BJP politician for other ties that need to be defused.
Judge Mini Pushkarna sought a response from Irani on Google’s request to amend the July 29 order in which the court had ordered social media platforms to remove videos, posts, tweets, retweets, captions, slogans along with transformed images of the plaintiff and his daughter, and all defamatory content.
Irani had apparently provided only one link, which Google had disabled. Google’s lawyer, Arvind Nigam, said that the URLs that the plaintiff wants removed and that HC has indicated must be provided to the intermediary by the petitioner. The tech giant claimed that it is not an awarding authority and cannot decide what should be removed and what can remain.
The plaintiff must provide the web links and appropriate action will be taken, Google said. On July 29, HC convened Congress politicians Jairam Ramesh, Pawan Khera and Netta D’Souza about Irani’s civil defamation lawsuit and asked them to remove tweets and other social media posts about allegations that the union minister’s daughter owned an unauthorized bar in Goa.
The court held that Irani and her daughter did not own a restaurant-cum-bar in Goa nor were they granted any license to operate such an establishment. He said the statements by three members of Congress appear to be “false with malicious intent.”

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