Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

The launch of the Google Pixel 7 series is just days away, so we’ll officially know everything there is to know about these phones on October 6. But history tells us that no Pixel phone is truly problem-free.

So with that in mind, we ask android authority readers what Google would do wrong with the Pixel 7 series (if anything wrong). The votes are finally in, and here are the results.

What will Google go wrong with the Pixel 7 series?


More than 1,300 votes were counted at the time of writing, and it turns out that the most popular choice was “yield.” 21.1% of surveyed readers believe Google’s latest phones could disappoint in the power department. This might not come as a surprise in light of the original Tensor lagging behind its rivals, while leaked Tensor G2 specs also don’t suggest an actual CPU upgrade.

The fingerprint scanner came in second place, with 18.86% of respondents saying that Google will stumble on the authentication of the Pixel 7 line. This is also not a surprising choice, as a slow and inaccurate fingerprint scanner was one of the main complaints last year.

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Completing the top three was “software polishing”, which accounted for 17.80% of the vote. This was a big hurdle at the Pixel 6 launch last year, so it makes sense to see this option get a lot of votes as well.

We also saw that 7.65% of surveyed readers voted for the “other” option, with comments pointing to potential issues like slow loading and higher prices. Otherwise, it’s interesting to note that only 3.11% of respondents felt that Google will get cameras wrong. This perhaps speaks to Google’s longstanding strength in this field that very few voters thought could spoil the camera experience.


  • Nope: It doesn’t actually charge a full 30W even though its tech specs say they support it.
  • splus: The survey doesn’t allow you to select all the items, so I’ll write it here: you’ll get all those things wrong.
  • roaduardo: For me, software refinement and performance go hand in hand. But price is number one for me. They have always been wrong with the price first, in my opinion.
  • ssallen: I have a bad feeling that they haven’t learned their lesson about cheap fingerprint scanners yet.
  • brian icing: It’s going to be OK. This looks like an iterative update, so there will be a lot of polishing 🙂
  • Atti Halmágyi: The charging speed could be better, around 50W.
  • Rob: The curved screen is a nogo for me.

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