Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Mosquitoes transmit various viral diseases such as Zika, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and many others. The researchers are investigating suggestions to minimize the spread of such diseases, which are attributable to mosquitoes.

In India, ICMR-Vector Defender and Compare Center in Pondicherry is primarily the most provocative institute, investigating how such deadly diseases could be dispensed with and cured. In this particular institute, hundreds of thousands of useless live mosquitoes are kept that are fragile for analysis functions.

Interestingly, if the researchers prefer to proceed with their evaluation, they must place live mosquitoes, and for that further efforts are crucial. It becomes completely known to make a decision about the actual care of these mosquitoes.

It is extraordinary to give these mosquitoes a real diet. Sound weird?

After years of research, VCRC scientist Nisha Mathew and her team came up with an undeniable diet for mosquitoes, which was patented once on Tuesday.

It is an undisputed truth identified that female mosquitoes need human blood to reproduce. For that, the institute seeks support from native blood banks. There are cases when it becomes difficult to organize the blood. Usually, blood banks give away blood bags that are about to expire or can no longer be used. Easy, it was not a long-term resolution as it happens with such components.

As a resolution, the institute began increasing a synthetic diet for mosquitoes. For years, they kept doing…

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