Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

He will take office on August 27 after the current NV Ramana leaves office the day before.

Judge Uday Umesh Lalit, News18

New Delhi: Justice Uday Umesh Lalit was appointed on Wednesday as the 49th Chief Justice of India after President Droupadi Murmu signed his appointment order.

He will take office on August 27 after the current NV Ramana leaves office the day before, PTI reported.

“In exercise of the power conferred by clause (2) of Article 124 of the Constitution of India, the President has appointed Justice Shri Uday Umesh Lalit, Justice of the Supreme Court, as Chief Justice of India. Justice Uday Umesh Lalit will take office as the 49th Chief Justice of India on August 27, 2022,” read a statement from the Ministry of Law and Justice.

Justice Uday Umesh Lalit was appointed as a Justice of the Supreme Court of India in August 2014 by the Bar Association. He will become the second Chief Justice of India to be elevated directly to the Supreme Court from the Bar, after Justice SM Sikri who served as the 13th CJI in 1971. Justice Lalit has served as a member of the Legal Services Committee of the Supreme Court for two terms.

Judge UU Lalit has several historic sentences to his credit.

Born on November 9, 1957 in Solapur, Maharashtra, Judge Lalit was registered as a barrister with the Maharashtra and Goa Bar Association in June 1983. He practiced at the Bombay High Court until December 1985 before changing his practice to Delhi in January 1986.

He clerked at the Soli J. Sorabjee chambers from October 1986 to 1992 and was a member of the Union of India bar panel during Soli J. Sorabjee’s term as Attorney General of India. From 1992 to 2002 he practiced as a lawyer in the registry and was appointed as lead lawyer by the Supreme Court in April 2004. He was also appointed Amicus Curiae in many important matters, including forestry matters, vehicle pollution, Yamuna pollution, etc. He was appointed as a Special Public Prosecutor for CBI under orders from the Supreme Court to carry out a trial in all 2G matters, the ministry statement said.

Judge Lalit will have a brief mandate of less than three months. He will turn 65 on November 8 when he leaves office, PTI reported.

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