Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

July had an important lesson for investors. It’s the oft-repeated advice: don’t try to time the market. He ignores the noise and continues investing.
SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gained more than 8% in the month. It is the first time since August 2021 that the two indices have risen so prominently.
If you’ve stayed the course, your portfolio color is probably all green. Even the mid-cap and small-cap indices joined the party, rising 11.7% and 8.9%, respectively. But if you were to panic and fear, August would have started with regrets.
Of course, it took a lot of guts for investors to keep their cool over the past seven months. The markets have tested everyone’s nerves. But it may not all be doom and gloom here. At least, that’s what the data…

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