Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

NEW DELHI: Noting such incidents were on the rise, a magistrate court convicted and sentenced a 65-year-old city man to three years in severe prison after he made vulgar comments to his daughter-in-law, grabbed her from behind and he rolled it. her hands on her stomach while she worked in the kitchen at her house last year.
The court said that the accused carried out the act with bad and corrupt intentions. “If any person uses criminal force on a woman to outrage her modesty or with the knowledge that her modesty will be outraged, she must be punished. In the present case, it cannot be forgotten that the defendant is the father-in-law… that he has done so atrociously with his daughter-in-law. If unnecessary leniency is shown to the accused, he will send a very bad message to the society,” Metropolitan Magistrate MV Chavhan said.
The court refused to release the defendant on a good conduct bond under the Parole of Ofe nders Act. “The accused does not have the right to obtain the benefit provided for in the Law, since the crime is against women, their modesty and their character. The defendant who is the father-in-law must protect the (female) informant,” the court said.
The woman told the court that she had married her son in November 2020, but was suffering from poor health. She said that after spending considerable time at her parents’ home recovering from her, she moved back in with her husband. The woman told the court that the incident occurred on May 16, 2021. She said that her mother-in-law blamed her for her problems at her home and said that a pundit prescribed a ritual cure for her. The woman described the vulgar things she said and her actions. She said that she immediately informed her husband, who said that she would talk to her father. However, the woman said that her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law kicked her out of the house. She went to the police and complained.
The court refuted the defendant’s defense that he was being falsely charged because there was a 12-day delay in filing the lawsuit. FIR TREE. The court said this did not affect the prosecution’s case as the case related to the modesty of the woman in her matrimonial home. “In such a case, the reputation and prestige of both the family, that is, the family of her parents or the family of her in-laws, were at stake. Similarly, in this case it was about the image and life of a woman. The informant is a pardanashin (veiled) woman and she may not have to make a decision on her own. Evidently, it would have taken a few days to report the incident to her relatives and come to a final conclusion,” the court said.

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