Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

NEW DELHI: During Thursday’s hearing in the Supreme Court On the survey gifts, the main lawyer Kapil Sibal said that the court has started an important national debate.
the CJI He said: “The economy losing money or going bankrupt is an issue and, at the same time, welfare measures for the poor…both have to be considered. Both have to be balanced. That is the reason why we started the debate. We want a panel of experts to put their collective thinking and wisdom on the issue and provide a report that can be the basis for some action by the court.”
State Attorney General Tushar Mehta delivered the Center’s suggestion on the composition of the expert committee, which the high court intends to establish to examine the impact of gifts on the general public, taxpayers and the economy. The court wants the panel to also differentiate between gifts and welfare plans, which it considers essential for the sections and categories that need help.

“When it comes to welfare schemes, all governments implement them and they should. Now, this culture of giveaways, giving something away for free, has been raised to a level of art, and sometimes some political parties fight elections with just giveaways. If it is the understanding of any political sector in our country that distributing gifts is the only way to make people well-being, it is a dangerous situation. We are leading the country to disaster”, said the SG.
Striking indirectly at the poll’s promise of “free electricity”, the SG said: “Please look at certain stressed sectors. Many electricity generators and distributors, most of which are government companies, are under severe financial pressure… Until the legislature intervenes, the SC must establish guidelines. Until the court is assisted by the committee’s considered opinion (to be established), it may consider issuing certain instructions or establishing dos and don’ts for political parties in the larger national interest. Welfare scheme that every responsible government must understand, but distributing everything for free and taking it to the level of an art is not welfare.

Representing Petitioner Ashwini Upadhyay, Lead Attorney Vikas Singh said that any political party or candidate announcing gifts should also be asked to explain their plan to mitigate the state’s debt, the resources with which the debt will be addressed and the sources of income generation that would allow them to distribute the gifts. “Otherwise these games should be dropped,” he said.
When CJI Ramana He said that unless a candidate or a party is elected and forms a government, they will not know the financial state of the country and the budget measures that will be taken, the main lawyer vijay hansaria provided debt burden statistics for each state.

Judge Ramana said: “Ultimately, in a country of more than a billion people, the effect and impact of gifts on the economy and people needs to be studied and debated. In a democratic country like ours, an order to deregister parties cannot be given in this way. In the anxiety of doing something, we must not make a blunder.” The SC published the matter for a new hearing on August 17, and the CJI said: “Let me see if I can contribute something before my retirement.”
election commission lawyer maninder singh said that the SC, in its 2013 ruling, had said that promises to distribute free stuff were part of the Guiding Principles and that the court could not interfere with it. The CJI said: “Please, look at the provisions of the Constitution and Representation of the People Law so that we understand what purpose the Electoral Commission is for.”

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