Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

Bibliometric details: Edition No: 11 | Issue month:November | Issue Year: 2022

Byculla Zoo in India has a new attraction. The zoo located in the city of Mumbai has been experiencing a huge influx of tourists in recent weeks after the birth of penguin triplets.

According to Byculla Zoo’s public kinship officer, Dr. Abhishek Satam, the penguins are ok with increased attendance and around 31,000 people check with the zoo every day. “Currently, a penguin gave birth to 2 male (rooster) and one female (bird) chicks. The newborns agree to be named Alexa (bird), Flash (rooster), and Bingo (rooster). The participants are very angry to go looking for them, ”he told ANI.

According to the ANI file, the influx of people is expected to subside over Christmas and has resulted in a big upward push in revenue for the BMC (Brihanmumbai municipal company).

The Humboldt penguins are currently under comment for any health issues and the zoo is also considering more security in the enclosures after the increase in footfalls.

“We are taking very good care of all the requirements to make the custody of the penguins obvious, specifically the newborns. They are given food three times a day and frequent air and water filtration are also taken care of,” he added.

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