Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Oliver Cragg / Android Authority


  • Nothing advertised that your Phone 1 had a brightness rating of 1200 nits.
  • Phone 1 was found to only be capable of 700 nits currently.
  • The hardware is capable of outputting 1200 nits, but would require a software update.

When Nothing launched the Phone 1, it was announced that the maximum brightness of the handheld could reach up to 1200 nits. However, it was discovered (via Computer Base yh/t XDA Developers) that currently, the phone can only achieve 700 nits.

The discovery was made while Computer Base I was testing the device. Despite attempts to create situations that could cause the phone to emit its advertised brightness, the German publication found that the rating would never exceed 700 nits.

According to XDA Developersafter Computer Base reached out for comment, Nothing responded by saying, “peak values ​​are around 700 nits for brightness.” Nada then proceeded to discreetly change the advertising on its website to reflect this new number.

Although the phone’s brightness tops out at 700 nits, the screen is capable of hitting the promised 1200 nits. The company may have believed this was reason enough to make its initial glitter claim. However, to make it possible, Nothing would need to release a software update that supports increased lighting.

At this time, it is unknown if Nothing plans to release an update to address the brightness rating issue. However, there are reasons why you may be hesitant to do so, such as increased battery consumption.

This isn’t the first time Nothing’s Phone 1 has ended up in the news. Last month, users noticed a green tint on the screen, as well as some dead pixels around the selfie camera. nothing contacted android authority on the subject in a statement that you can find here.

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