Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

BENGALURU: Karnataka JD(S) President CM Ibrahim on Tuesday drew comparisons between ‘pallu’ (loose end of a sari, worn over the shoulder or head by women) and the hijab and said that they are part of the culture and history of India.
He said the pallu was part of the outfit of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and is now worn by the President of India as well.
“Hijab is pallu on the head, some call it hijab and some call it pallu. In Rajasthan, Rajput women do not show their face and cover it with ghunghat, will a law be brought against them? Will those women be declared as Muslim?” Ibrahim said in response to a question.
Speaking to reporters, he said: “There was a pallu on the head of Indira Gandhi, there is a pallu on the head of the President of India. Is the ghunghat on her head a PFI conspiracy? Having a pallu on the head is Indian culture, Indian history”.
“It was (pallu) on Kitturu Rani Chennamma’s head, whether you call it hijab or pallu, it’s the same thing. Some say ‘paani’ in Hindi, while others call it water in English…but water is water.” The names change according to a language, why do you give it a religious angle? she asked.
The former Union Minister was reacting to BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi’s tweet about the image of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi walking with a hijab-clad young woman and accusing him of “glorifying hijab.”
“From patronizing a controversial Christian pastor to glorifying the Hijab, Congress co-owner Rahul Gandhi is doing everything he can to show that he and his party survive on the ‘appeasement policy’ of Gandhis,” Ravi tweeted.
Ibrahim’s comments came on the day the Karnataka government told the Supreme Court that its order sparking a hijab dispute was “religiously neutral”, launching a strong defense of the state and blaming the PFI. for the controversy which he claimed was part of a “larger conspiracy”.
Insisting that the agitation for hijab use in educational institutions was not a “spontaneous act” of a few individuals, he said the state government would have been “guilty of breach of constitutional duty” if it had not acted as it did.
The state government, by order of February 5, 2022, prohibited wearing clothing that disturbs equality, integrity and public order in schools and universities. The order was challenged by some Muslim girls in the high court. It had also led to widespread protests across the state.

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