Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

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Durga Puja is one of the most anticipated and vibrant religious festivals among the Hindu community. This great festival is celebrated in states like West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Tripura and Bihar. It is also commemorated to share joy and love and to celebrate the victory of good over evil. In different parts of India, it is observed in different ways. The western region of the nation observes it as Navratri and spends nine days worshiping Durga Maa in her nine forms.

According to mythology, the goddess Durga and her offspring travel to earth after killing the evil Mahishasur. This year, the celebration will begin on October 1 and continue until October 5, 2022.

Although it is a 10-day event, Durga Puja starts on the sixth day and the days are called Shashsti, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Dashami respectively. According to belief, the goddess Durga defeated the monster Mahishasur after a bloody conflict that began on the seventh day of Navratri, known as Maha Saptami.

In Dashami, she finally defeated the demon king. Because of this, Goddess Durga is revered as a representation of strength and power.

Beautiful pandals are built and placed across the country for this week-long event. In addition to buying new clothes, devotees give gifts to their loved ones.

Here we have created some messages and quotes that you can share with your loved ones during this 5-day festival:

-I wish you and your family health, money, happiness and prosperity through the power of Goddess Durga. Happy Durga Puja 2022!!

-On the auspicious day of Durga Puja, let us meet together and cherish the time spent together.

May Lord Durga grant you the strength to repel all your adversaries and the patience to live a serene life.

-A time of joy, a time when good triumphs over evil, and a time when the world recognizes the strength of good. Let’s keep the same spirit. Happy Durga Puja everyone.

-My sincere greetings for the Durga Puja holiday. Enjoy your time with family and friends while being safe and having fun.

-I send you my best wishes for a prosperous and successful Durga Puja. I pray that you have the best blessings from Goddess Durga today and always.

-Happy Navratri and best wishes for much peace and prosperity.

-The sun rises every day to remind us that light will always triumph over darkness. Enjoy the celebration where good triumphs over evil. Greetings for Durga Puja!

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